Tuesday, January 31, 2012

They're Here!!!!

I discovered I'm very liberal in my use of exclamation points ( note to self: be less exclamatory) but when something's worth celebrating, why not use them? Today we'll celebrate the Bead Soup Blog Party because I've got my beads- doing the happy dance :)

I once again forgot to take pictures of what I sent to Andra Weber , but she'll be posting them so hop on over later. I did take this, though. Does it count? Here are my beads for her all bundled up before I mailed them.

And here's what I received from her  :: big sigh of delight::
 Luscious, gorgeous opalite rounds in different sizes start off the list. I already know what is going to happen with these, and can't wait to get started, They won't be part of the main project, but Lori has always encouraged us to do more than one thing if necessary, and I find it VERY necessary to use these :).

The focal bead and matching rounds are from 2 Bead Sisters - handmade beads with a beautiful combination of caramels, blues and blacks. Inspired? Yes, ma'am.

But she didn't stop there...

Are you drooling yet? I am. Mother of pearl rounds and mother of pearl rice beads from a local bead shop Andra frequents, Sand and Stone Creations, as well as beautiful copper glass roundels, copper round and butterfly spacer beads, and a lovely copper clasp. The richness of the colors in combination with one another is truly a delight. These are so very pretty- it was hard to leave them on the table and come to work

lots of 4mm faceted Czech glass beads and handmade black and white glass toggle. One can never go wrong with black! .  (note to self: edit, edit, edit) We're required to use the focal bead and the clasp/toggle- it's up to the individual participant  if he/she uses the beads that were sent along with the goodies and/or adds to from their stash.

And now the true work begins. Don't forget to check back on March 3 when all the BSBP participants will reveal their creations. If you're looking for inspiration, Lori has a brand new baby that's sure to please- her latest book all about Bead Soup. Congratulations to her, and many thanks again for allowing us to join in the current one.

Visit me again on Friday to find out about my latest obsession, but until then...
Wishing you splashes of grace and dashes of joy


Sunday, January 15, 2012

I'm blessed!

I've neglected this blog. They say confession is good for the soul, so I'll just admit it. I've thought about numerous times, but for various reasons (none of them good) didn't follow through. Lori Anderson, though, has given me powerful incentive for 2012! 384 people signed up for 200 spots in the latest Bead Soup Blog Party- and I'm blessed to be one of those. Do I deserve it? Nope, not one bit. I've followed several of the blogs from the last time and they've been posting away. Not me. I've been keeping busy with jewelry but didn't post a single word. As I waited to hear whether I'd be chosen I realized how big a gift it would be to be allowed to join in, and the odds of that happening were only about 50 percent.  And then enters this wonderful thing called Grace. I got what I didn't deserve.

One of my beautiful daughters posted this status on Facebook after a stressful and difficult start to an exam day: "The beauty of grace is that it makes life not fair". Isn't that true?

Found this on Photobucket;  kinda sums it all up...


My partner is Andra Weber- and I love the name of her blog. I've got about 2 weeks to email her and get together a stash of goodies to send her way. This is so exciting! So here's to undeserved splashes of grace and a big dash of joy...