Friday, February 3, 2012

Crazy about Pinterest

This is downright dangerous. I had heard the buzz about Pinterest but didn't understand what the big deal was- until now. Oh. my.goodness. It is truly a cornucopia of ideas, inspiration, hint, recipes and of, course, amazing jewelry ideas, pictures and tutorials to name just a few. I am in heavenly overload! (Disclaimer: This is HIGHLY addicting).

When you first sign up, you do so by invitation (and yes, I'm happy to send you one) and are given 8 or so blank boards.If you sign up with your Facebook account, it's easy to immediately connect with all your friends from there who are also on Pinterest and start by following them. I started with some of the basics, and quickly added new boards of my choosing. My Jewelry Ideas board has grown to a ridiculous size, so I'll be editing it into a couple of newer boards for my own personal sanity. I also plan on using this as free advertising a wonderful venue to sell my jewelry. By going to your home page and clicking on the button at the top left that says Rearrange Boards, you can shift the boxes around so they appear how you want. Once I'm done with a craft fair this weekend, I'm going to upload what still needs a new home and create a new board labelled with my jewelry for sale and place it front and center :).

So why do I love this so much? Let's take a look at some of my boards! I've found beautiful jewelry ideas, inspiring quotes , and amazing craft hints among some things. Just clicking on the picture takes you to the Pinterest post, and then to the original source. I was delighted to find I could take my very long list of jewelry bookmarks and condense them all in one place- hurray! No more searching through myriads of bookmarked links.

And now Michele from The Scrap Shoppe , Tammy from Not Just Paper and Glue, and Malia from Yesterday on Tuesday have taken it to a brand new level. While catching up with some favorite bloggers this morning,  I read where Bev from Flamingo Toes posted how they've started a Pinterest Master List. I was number 1026. Now we have access to everyone's Pinterest boards and their collections. This could be downright dangerous. I'm going to be selective and follow only those boards that I'm truly interested in. I've even edited which boards I follow from friends to narrow down what comes across my feed.

Interested? Need an invitation? Leave your email in the comment box below and I'll send you an invite. On Pinterest already? If you start following one or more of my boards, I'll get an email and in return, check out what's on yours. This is truly an abundant treasure trove of creativity!


The Joy of a Dormouse

So, here's to creative dashes of grace and big splashes of joy!