Saturday, April 19, 2014

7th Do Over Challenge

I was delighted to be able to participate in Jeannie Dukic's 7th Do Over Challenge. This is my second time being able to play with an old piece of her jewelry. Jeannie states the challenge as this:  "I will send you an old, tried, boring piece of my jewelry for free and you will repurpose into something beautiful and amazing."  All we pay for is the shipping and handling.You must use at least 50% of the original piece in the new creation.

Without further ado, here is the piece that I was sent.
Butterfly by Jeannie Dukic
I love the vibrant colors and how colored the butterfly, but was unsure as how to proceed. Finally, I took a deep breath and dissected the piece and found different lengths of chain and beautiful, colorful crystals. Then the search was on for a focal and a design. Nothing seemed to work.  At all. Couldn't find anything that matched the colors properly. And then- voila! Hidden away in a drawer I found a painted shell pendant and when I put the crystals next to it, I heard music! ( Okay, not really, but I was delighted) I kept the design fairly simple so that those gorgeous colors would pop.

After playing around with some different variations, the last thing to figure out was how to attach the pendant to the chain. I was stumped. Then came Cindy Wimmer's The Missing Link to the rescue. While this link wasn't intended to be used as a bail, it added something different to the piece and I love it! I named the piece Hanami, which is the Japanese cherry blossom festival, and what this reminds me of.


Here's a closer view of the Lightbulb link I used for the bail

And then, because there were some left over crystals, I used some of the chain to make a pair of earrings, so here's a picture of the whole set.

Hanami set
Thanks, Jeannie, for a chance to be part of this. This set is staying with me and will be worn Easter morning.

Stop on by the other participants and see how they transformed Jeannie's jewelry. Here's wishing you a wonderful Easter filled with the joy of Christ's resurrection and sprinkled with splashes and dashes of His amazing joy and grace!


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Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Color of Dreams Blog Hop

Sometime ago, Rita of Toltec Jewels posted a blog challenge in the Bead Soup Cafe on Facebook ( great group if you're a beader) asking who would be interested in using a single bead by artist Patricia Handschoh of The Color of Dreams Boutique. She also has a blog.  I wasn't familiar with her work, but the colors... oh my. Beautiful. I signed on very quickly and was delighted to be chosen.

Then my bead arrived in the mail....

and I was smitten.  Love, love. love the butterfly.  Here's a closer look.

The pondering began. I like to try new things when I participate in a blog like this and decided to do something with wire.  I doodled a couple of things which didn't work and so decided to devote the beginning of the week to spend time just working on this project. But the best laid plans of mice and men...

A dear friend had asked me to be with her during her labor and delivery with her first baby. As a former L/D nurse, I was delighted to say yes. She called me Monday and said they were going to be inducing her that evening and could I be there. Yes, ma'am. Absolutely. Long story short, Miss Annie  decided not to make her debut until Tuesday evening. Being back in the labor room reminded me of everything I loved about being an L/D nurse (being a support person and helping a woman believe in what she and her body were created to do) and everything I didn't (watching her RN and CNM having to split their time between rooms and oh, that time consuming charting over and over). When she arrived, her daddy and mommy were elated and exhausted. I got back to thinking about pursuing a certification as a doula. But that's another story. Had to work the next couple of days and then it was Friday :)

Got out my go to wire of late ( annealed steel wire from Ace Hardware) and started playing. And re-doing. And again. And then?

Birth of a Butterfly

It's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, and my hat is off to wireworkers extraordinaire, because this was attempt #4? and I finally just had to commit to finishing something in time. It's still lacking a chain but overall, I'm pleased with the end result. Getting those loops somewhat equal was the biggest challenge - I need a hands on class somewhere in the future. Like the process of this pendant, births aren't always pretty and don't always go as planned, but in the end if you have a sweet little healthy person in the world, there's cause for rejoicing and celebration. Hence, the name.

Here's another look.
Don't forget to stop by and see what the other participants created using their beads. A big shout out to Rita for being a generous and wonderful hostess.  As for me? I'm wishing you splashes of joy and dashes of grace in whatever your day holds.

Honorary Artist: Patricia Handschuh
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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Journey with Gina Fundraiser Bracelet

One of my very dearest friend's sister was recently diagnosed with cancer. What a nasty disease it is. She's just started chemo and has been out of work since January. It's hard to know what to do in a situation like this. and so I began to pray for something I could do to help out. I had just made an adjustable bracelet from a kit I had ordered from UnkamenSupplies and loved the concept. Then inspiration hit! We live in a small, rural community that is known for their generous and giving hearts. There's rarely a weekend where there isn't a fundraiser of some kind being held for someone in need and people rally around those needing help. I've eaten my fair share of BBQ and chicken dinners to aid various causes, so figured something more tangible would also be well received. After messaging Ralph for permission, which he graciously granted, the Journey with Gina bracelet was born. She's a die hard Miami Dolphins fan so there had to be a dolphin and a tribute to one of the team colors.  I worked with her sister to choose the other charms and the colors are a few of her favorites.
. She knew nothing about this. With the help of another dear friend of hers, we pre-sold the first 15 bracelets for $20 each, with all the profits going directly to her. It was such a blessing to be able to show it to her and tell her that her sister got the very first one, and had helped in the planning of it.

I had prayed that we could sell at least 50- and thought that was thinking big. But my,oh my! I'm on my third re-order of supplies and we're close, if not over, the 100 sales mark. I'm going to post this in my Etsy store as soon as I get caught up with orders- not sure when that will be as they keep coming in. It comes with a card that contains a Bible verse chosen specifically for her, and a thank you for choosing to go on this journey with her. 

So here's a shout out to this wonderful community of Okeechobee- the small town with a very big heart!!! If you're interested in ordering one of these bracelets, you can leave a comment on the blog below and once I catch up on the orders already placed, we'll send you one (s/h $2.50 each).

The response and support for Gina sure added a huge dash of joy and splash of grace to my day- and hers!


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Patina Blog Hop

One of the reasons I sign up for blog hops is to push myself out of my comfort zone and tackle new things that I've resisted because a) I know nothing about the technique or item b) I haven't made time to learn c) I'm afraid I'm going to fail or d) all of the above. Am I alone in this? Somehow, I don't think so. When Kathy Lindemer of Bay Moon Designs threw out a challenge on the Bead Soup Cafe page on Facebook about playing with patinas it was a no brainer, and much to my delight, I was one of 9 participants. She sent the Vintaj Natural Brass Compass and it sat untouched for quite a while. Then Lisa Liddy of Metal Me This offered some odds and ends patinas on sale which would work perfectly for this project.

Here's a picture that I borrowed from Kathy of the component she sent:
Vintaj Natural Brass Compass
  Here's a picture of the patinas that Lisa sent my way- aren't the colors pretty?

So it was time to play with the compass. Lisa had graciously given me a few hints and instructions and after much pondering, I decided to go with the rose and burgundy colors. They were easy to use- and I did practice on some irregular Vintaj Big Kick pieces that I'd made previously.

I also wanted to make some links that would complement the dark metal so pulled out Cindy Wimmer's book The Missing Link and grabbed some annealed steel wire from a local hardware store and went to work, and voila! Another fear tackled.

And last, but not least, the final result...Unfortunately when I used my two hole punch similar to this, even after much adjusting, the hole was, well, slightly off center.  Sigh.  Originally I was going to title this Due North. Great name, right? Had to amend it.
Almost Due North
With some pretty purple crystals to complement the patinas, the necklace is almost complete.
Almost Due North take 2

I still need to make a clasp, but love how it all came together ( minus the wonky hole). Thanks, Kathy for a chance to play with something new. It may be my first time using color, but it won't be the last!

Hope you have a great weekend filled with dashes of grace and splashes of joy. I'm off to our 52nd Dunklin Homecoming celebration and can't wait to see some dear faces, hug some necks and hear what God has been doing in the lives of our graduates. 

Here's the list of the other participants:

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Winter Sparkle Blog Hop

It's time once again for another of Lisa Lodge's blog hops. This time the theme was Winter Sparkle and we were given all sorts of wonderful sparklies to work with. Once again, I forgot to take a picture of the goodies before I started working with them. Sigh. My combination was beautiful shades of pink and clear crystals in various shapes and sizes and lots of little glass pearls. As soon as I pulled them out to work on the project, I realized they would pair perfectly with a lovely pendant made from a porcelain shard I had bought from Glassworks by Susan in Tallahassee. And I was right :)
Springing Forth
 I added a few green crystals I had from my stash and am loving the end result. The toggle is meant to represent the sun which causes the flowers to spring forth, which I'm sure many of you in snow country are ready for!

But more crystals and those little glass pearls were left and were waiting to be used. A co-worker suggested a pair of dangle earrings and it was a great suggestion.
Pink Delight

While the two don't match exactly, they're definitely complimentary

Thanks, Lisa, for another fun hop.  Here's the rest of the blog hop- time to get busy!

Your hostess:  Lisa Lodge, A Grateful Artist

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My Apologies... and the winner is....

I owe you all an apology. I promised to pick a winner on February 1st, and then realized that Vicki had asked that the giveaways be posted on February 15, so decided to honor the hostess and wait. And forgot. And now it's the 19th and I'm just now following through. So, without further ado, doing a random number drawing from the comments, the winner is Cindy from Life on Print. If you'll email me your information, some heart earrings will be on their way to you.

Again, please accept my apologies for not following through in a timely matter. If you come back on Saturday, I'll be posting for a new blog hop that's all about sparkle!

May your week be filled with splashes and dashes of joy and grace,


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Grow Your Blog Party & Giveaway

Welcome to the Grow Your Blog Party! Someone had posted about this on a beading Facebook page, and I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Thank you to Vicki for being a wonderful hostess. If you look at the amazing list on her blog, you'll find it's grouped according to the number of followers so be sure to visit and follow the ones that pique your interest.

My name is Christie. I'm a wife of 26 years, a mom to three beautiful daughters and experiencing my first year as an empty nester. I'm finding it has its pros and cons for sure! I've always loved to do crafts and was into scrapbooking for awhile until I was introduced to beading through a friend of my sister. I was hooked! After making gifts for family and friends, this hobby segued into a small business and keeps on going. A couple of years ago I had the privilege of teaching jewelry lessons at a large craft store and that was a wonderful experience. Now I teach private lessons in the small town I live near, and my regulars have become family. They continue to want to learn new things and push me to keep expanding my repertoire- it's a win/win situation!

I'm an avid pinner and have lots of great boards- especially jewelry related things. You can check them out here on Pinterest. I'm also on Instagram where my user name is CharisDesigns. Twiiter is something I'm still trying to figure out but you can follow me as @CharisDJewelry.  I have a shop on Etsy as well as a Facebook business page, Charis Designs

Here's some pictures of  some favorite jewelry I've made:
Merry Mermain

Consider the Lilies

Autumn Splendor

Floral Fantasy

Smokey Mountains

and my absolute favorite....
Orchid Beauty

 Several of these were pieces that I made for blog hops, which I love participating in. Autumn Splendor and Orchid Beauty are still for sale- please contact me if you're interested.

With Valentines' Day around the corner, how about a giveaway of some Valentine earrings? Just leave a comment below ( with a valid email) and tell me something special you'll do for your valentine this year (family friendly please!).  Of course, I'm always looking for new followers too ;) I'll pick a random winner on February 1st.

Lots of other blogs to visit, so off I go- hoping your day is filled with splashes of grace and dashes of joy