Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Labor of Love...

I blogged earlier that I was one of the lucky winners of beads from Znet Shows. These were the beauties I was given to work with:
And boy! did I have fun. Here are some of the things I made:
Crystal Blue Persuasion

 I love, love, love the pairing of the Watercolors sea glass beads and pendants with the Tiaria Chinese crystals. The colors are beautiful and this set got the creative juices flowing.
Autumn Seashells

Aren't those spacers amazing? I used them in a couple of different things, and hoarded  saved some for another project.
Pagoda Wave Pendant

 This curved sea glass bead threw me for a loop but I decided to go out of my comfort zone, and I'm rather pleased with the result.

Peridot Crystal Dangles

I've had these hoops from Hobby Lobby for awhile and they paired up nicely with some of these beautiful green crystals.
Fish in the Sea
Kept looking at these great fish beads and the round spacers, and again, a chance to use more of those lovely crystals. I had some matching bicones for little dangles.

And then it was time for more earrings :)
Golden Dangles

Cobalt Blue Shells
Here are more of those dark blue crystals paired with chain and dark blue sea glass seashells.

Green Goodness

 Went to go post a picture on Instagram ( come follow me : Charisdesigns) and realized I hadn't included these sweet little green earrings. What's not to love about sea glass and crystal? The color combos are endless.

Crystal Hoopla

It took a little bit of finagling, but I was delighted when I was able to stack the crystals inside the hoops that I bought from my local bead store. As you can tell from the pictures, I'm still loving my Rhonna Designs app.

There's another set in progress but it's being a tad persnickety, so it'll wait for another day. I still have lots of beads left, which is very exciting.  Thank you again, Hope and Znet Shows for letting me play with all the lovelies!

Happy Labor Day! Hope it's filled with splashes and dashes of joy and grace-