Monday, July 4, 2011

New Beginnings

This is a new venture for me, so welcome to the journey!  I'm in the process of moving out of a shared space in my husband's office and into a new space just for me and the tons of beads I've acquired- pictures to follow (can one ever have too many?) New spaces invite all sorts of possibilities and  I'm intrigued to see what the end result will be.  The space needs to be functional, pleasing to the eye, ORGANIZED, and one that inspires creativity.

If you've moved into a new craft space recently, I'd love to hear your thoughts, and suggestions, as to what worked or didn't work for you.I'm wanting to set up a desk space that works for both my beads/jewelry making but also for packaging/shipping the finished pieces- and then there needs to be a space for photographing as well. My dream desk is about $600- sigh.That won't be happening any time soon but you can see it here and dream with me :)
My dream workdesk

Amazing, isn't it? For right now, I'm going to be content with what's available and find ways to use what's at hand! As in trying to see the glass half full and not half empty kind of thing.

So, here's to potential, and lessons that will be learned along the way. I'm intrigued to see where both the workspace and this blog ends up, aren't you?

Hoping that today brings you a splash of grace and a dash of joy.

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  1. Very nice! Like the desk, I am a big fan of Overstock. I have liked everything I have ever gotten from there. Valari