Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bead Soup Six Mix

Time for another Bead Soup Blog Party- the 6th and biggest one to date yet! This time there will be not one, but THREE reveal dates, due to 400 participants from all around the world. Lots of wonderful beads and inspirational goodies. I was paired with Arlene Dean from AGlassBash and what a soup she sent me! I'm glad we're scheduled for the last reveal day on August 25th, because I need all the time I can have to try and figure out how to do justice to her focal.
The mermaid is from a show she went to in Washington state, and was created by Gita Maria who only sells at shows so I'm feeling pretty exclusive!. She is also the maker of the adorable fish and sea horse charms. Another beader shared some info about this great new photo app, Pixlr, that I used to make the collage above. I've also downloaded the free app for my phone and am having a whole lot of fun with it, much to my children's dismay.

 Here's a slightly bigger picture of the whole soup. Oh, the possibilities. I love the colors and varieties of beads, sizes and textures. The colors are so me, and all these lovelies came package in the pretty round box with a note card from Arlene.

Reveal date #1 is July 28th- Lori Anderson has a list of all the participants for each round- it's going to take me quite a while to work through the list, but  can't wait to see all the different creations.

Until then, it's time to get creative with dashes of grace and big splashes of joy!

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