Sunday, June 16, 2013

My apologies...

Today was supposed to be the reveal for the Summer Elements Blog Hop and I am going to be very late to the party. Not only has it been a couple of very busy weeks with our youngest daughter's end of year awards, graduation (postponed by Tropical Storm Andrea for 24 hours), and company, but this year was also Preview/Orientation at her college. I got the email reminder while gone and did a little shriek inside, because I had totally forgotten. Upon arriving home, I now have major computer problems- as in won't. turn. on. at. all and this is round two in four months of dealing with said issues.

So, please make sure you stop by the other participants, and I hope to have something up here by the end of the week, because it's going to be another busy one. My apologies to our gracious hostess- Toltec Jewels.
Here's a picture of what summer is all about to me, until I get my act together (c/o of Photobucket)

summer beach photo: Beach summer-beach_zps6c8a08e8.jpg


  1. Sweet Christie, no worries! Thank you for posting so we know to look for your design. I Love the starfish dancing on the beach! LOL!

    Take care and try not to work too hard. Sounds like life is very exciting and busy for you right now. We'll all be here & I'll be sure to enter you in the giveaway.

    Love and thanks,

    1. Thank you, Rita! I appreciate your understanding- Christie

  2. Hope things slow down for you. Can not wait to see what you post.

  3. Will wait with baited breath Christie!!! LOL Really take your time and have a great time with your daughter!!!Have a Blessed Day!!

  4. Sounds like an exciting start to summer. I'll be back another day.