Monday, August 19, 2013

Everyone's A Winner

Last week I said I would pick a winner from the comments section for two pairs of Christmas earrings. However, since there were only a few comments, and it's never fun at Christmas to have to watch other people open gifts when you don't have one,  I'm going to mail a pair of Christmas earrings to everyone who took the time to say something. 

So if Monique, Vera , Louise, Andra, and Gloria would email their full name and address to, I'll get them in the mail. Obviously, the other three pairs will be different from those pictured, but I hope you'll like them.  Merry Christmas a little early- hope this adds a splash of joy to your day!  


  1. That's so generous, Christie! Off to email you...

  2. Christie, You are too generous! Thank you. I am sending you an e-mail.

  3. Thank you! How sweet. will email you!