Wednesday, October 9, 2013

And then it was Fall....

How did it get to be October already? The DH and I hit the road for two weeks to visit several ministries that have been birthed out of Dunklin Memorial Church, where we live and work. It was a joy to see dear friends who are now running their own alcohol and drug regeneration programs. I've had a lot of goodbyes during the 26 years we've lived here, and hellos are always a welcome change! We'd hoped to make the trip for the changing of the leaves, but that didn't work out so I guess there's always next year now that we don't have to plan around the girls' school schedule. Being an empty nester has its advantages!

We stopped in South Carolina, and then made a side trip to Forest City, NC where I took was able to take a beading class at Off the Beaded Path where Darlene and Patty made me feel right at home. The very talented Kelly Dale was off on maternity leave, but I was delighted when I heard that familiar voice from all the videos and was able to meet her and her sweet baby boy. Because the DH was waiting patiently out in the car due to a change of schedule I didn't have time to poke around the store, but next time? Yep. It's part of the game plan. Then it was off to Franklin, NC, for a couple of days.

Up in Franklin, NC

Dry Falls
 From there we drove to his home town of Bonlee, where we had a lovely couple of days with his brother and wife and went to the church where he  grew up.
Bonlee Baptist Church
Next stop? Virginia. Gorgeous scenery along the way, with wonderful friends waiting for us.

Pilot Mountain
From there we made the circuit back to Florida stopping to see each of our three girls. During some down time, we hung out at Lake Ella in Tallahassee, after I made a stop at Glasswork by Susan. This is her Facebook page link, and it's one of my "have tos" when we get up there. I snagged a few lampwork beads and always love her stained glass pendants and other goodies.
Lake Ella, Tallahassee

After stopping in Gainesville and Orlando, it was home, sweet, home where our cat was elated to have us back. Two weeks is too long, even with a dear neighbor girl watching over her. She( the cat) has developed a medical condition which means that we won't have her around for too much longer. That will be hard.

Someone's happy to have us home!
My other big news?? I AM SO EXCITED!! While we were gone, I got an email inviting me to be part of the Znet Shows design team. I am beyond thrilled!

I'll be part of a couple of blog hops at the end of the month, so stay tuned for those.

Until then, may your October will filled with colorful splashes and dashes of grace and joy


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  1. Hi Christie, thanks for the comment at my Clever Karen blog! Small world - you never know where you will run into an SCS alum or someone who attended HPBC. Your jewelry is lovely! Look forward to exploring more when I have a bit more time. Great to connect with you.