Saturday, January 11, 2014

Into The Forest Blog Hop

It's time for another blog hop hosted by Lisa Lodge- this time the theme is Into The Forest. I was given a combination of beige/tan stone beads, green crystal and some crystals in beige colors. Unfortunately, yours truly forgot to take a picture of all but the green ones-sorry about that!

 Aren't they pretty?

I've been loving playing with brass lately, so when I saw these three beads, I realized they line up perfectly for a chain pendant... and I was right :) Making a chain tassel is always fun too. The brass bowl is from India, where I grew up, and it seemed fitting to photograph the necklace with it, being that this piece reminded me of necklaces from there. I called this pendant "Aranya" which is the Hindi word for forest, in honor of the hop. 

Here's another look- it's pretty long, but I'm pleased with it.

I still had the tan and brown stones to work with, and while I was in Michaels I spotted some Art-i-cake chain, and fell in love with it. The combination of antique brass and crystal spacers kept calling my name, and upon arriving home, realized it could pair perfectly with the beads Lisa had sent. After figuring how to wrangle them with some antique brass wire, voila! Loving the combo of the sparkly, the chain and the beads.
Woodsy Glam

There are still a couple of links which will become earrings very soon, and it needs a clasp which will also happen this week. What about those pretty green beads, you ask? Well, there are plans for them as well, but last weekend I was given an opportunity to put some earrings into a prom dress shop, and that took up a lot more time than I expected, but very welcomed! They were delivered yesterday, so now I can (literally) wrap up some loose ends.

There's a lot more jewelry peeps who participated in this blog hop, so be sure to check them out.  Thanks again, Lisa, for being a wonderful hostess. Hope your weekend is filled with splashes of grace and dashes of joy!

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  1. Christie, congrats on increasing your business with such visibility... maybe those green sparklies will find their way into extra earrings!

    I love your two designs and they are so reminiscent of the speckled forest floor, aren't they?

  2. Ohhh, I love that articake chain!!! Will have to keep my eyes open when i am in there again....but your designs are very pretty! So simple and the first one looks very Victorian...Great job. Thanks for posting!

  3. Very pretty pieces, I just love the chain your found and then added the beads to it.

  4. Congrats on your new endeavor, hope you will sell lots of jewelry.

  5. Both necklaces are beautiful! I love the simplicity of the first one & all of the details in the second. I'll have to look for that chain, too!

  6. Both necklaces are beautiful - I love the long pendant with the tassel, and the Art-i-cake chain looks fantastic with the links you made. Beautiful job!

  7. I love both necklaces. I am still trying to figure,out how you made it ! Well done!

  8. Gorgeous pieces! I love the simple elegance in the first necklace and your use of the rN beads in the second piece.

  9. Both necklaces are very beautiful! Congrats on the earrings opportunity.

  10. Beautiful pieces, Christie! I have never heard of an "art-i-cake" chain. It looks cool. I love the long pendant. Thanks for being in the hop!

  11. I love your long necklace!!! I have one daughter who never thinks anything I do is long enough . . . she would love it also!!! Let us know how your earring sales go!!!

  12. That bracelet came out great. I am intrigued by the art-i-cake chain.

  13. Ohh, I think I would wear those all of the time...both necklaces are beautiful. I will need to keep track of your blog so I can see what you make with your green beads...

  14. Wow, amazing pieces!! Love the second necklace.

  15. Very pretty, elegant and wearable! In Summer, combined with linen clothes I think it looks ♥♥♥!!!

  16. Lovely pieces! The Art i cake chain is vey pretty and I love how you added the beads.

  17. Wow, Christie! Beautiful, beautiful jewelry. I love both necklaces immensely. The long, elegant chain necklace with tassle & enchanting bead drop "Aranya" is stunning! Really love the design, the energy of the forest and the brass, India, the beauty of it all. And the chain you found is lovely but becomes wow with your artistic eye -- super cool framing of the beads, juxtaposition of crystal, metal, gems. Very cool! Love your post & your art :)

  18. Gorgeous! Love how you combined the beads with the chain links in that second necklace,

  19. Both pieces are very pretty. I love the chain tassel with those beads. And the chain links in the second necklace pair perfectly with the beads. You did a great job.

  20. The chain gives the beads the a whimsical summer feel.