Saturday, April 19, 2014

7th Do Over Challenge

I was delighted to be able to participate in Jeannie Dukic's 7th Do Over Challenge. This is my second time being able to play with an old piece of her jewelry. Jeannie states the challenge as this:  "I will send you an old, tried, boring piece of my jewelry for free and you will repurpose into something beautiful and amazing."  All we pay for is the shipping and handling.You must use at least 50% of the original piece in the new creation.

Without further ado, here is the piece that I was sent.
Butterfly by Jeannie Dukic
I love the vibrant colors and how colored the butterfly, but was unsure as how to proceed. Finally, I took a deep breath and dissected the piece and found different lengths of chain and beautiful, colorful crystals. Then the search was on for a focal and a design. Nothing seemed to work.  At all. Couldn't find anything that matched the colors properly. And then- voila! Hidden away in a drawer I found a painted shell pendant and when I put the crystals next to it, I heard music! ( Okay, not really, but I was delighted) I kept the design fairly simple so that those gorgeous colors would pop.

After playing around with some different variations, the last thing to figure out was how to attach the pendant to the chain. I was stumped. Then came Cindy Wimmer's The Missing Link to the rescue. While this link wasn't intended to be used as a bail, it added something different to the piece and I love it! I named the piece Hanami, which is the Japanese cherry blossom festival, and what this reminds me of.


Here's a closer view of the Lightbulb link I used for the bail

And then, because there were some left over crystals, I used some of the chain to make a pair of earrings, so here's a picture of the whole set.

Hanami set
Thanks, Jeannie, for a chance to be part of this. This set is staying with me and will be worn Easter morning.

Stop on by the other participants and see how they transformed Jeannie's jewelry. Here's wishing you a wonderful Easter filled with the joy of Christ's resurrection and sprinkled with splashes and dashes of His amazing joy and grace!


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  1. I think I'm hearing music. What a gorgeous pendant and brilliant idea for a pendant bail. You wanted the colors to pop and they really are now. I love the idea of you wearing this on Easter. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. Thank you so much for joining me. Looking forward to the next one.

    1. Thank you for being such a generous and gracious hostess. I wore my set today and love it even more. I appreciate your sweet comment and encouragement!

  2. What a gorgeous piece you made! And I love all those things hiding in drawers we forgot about. The pendant is the perfect match for the colors. I'm in love!

  3. Such a beautiful re-work. You've done an amazing job.

  4. Oh it definitely reminded me of the sakura blossoms in Japan. Japan has a special place in my heart because we went there for our honeymoon. The colors also remind me of the plum blossoms that are the harbinger to the sakura season. Great work and definitely a wearable everyday piece.

  5. Wonderful design, Christie... perfect for spring :)

  6. Great use of the materials for a new look. The pendant is beautiful, good thing this project coaxed it out of hiding!

  7. Your set is lovely. That pendant is great, and I love the lightbulb link. I want to practice that one!

  8. Christie your new set is gorgeous. The focal matches the crystals perfectly. Isn't Cindy's book wonderful?

  9. What a perfect result! The pendant does, indeed, match perfectly and it's very wearable.

  10. Ooooo! Such beautiful colors you had to work with, and the focal you chose looks fantastic with the bright crystal beads. I love your set, and you will look lovely wearing them tomorrow morning!

  11. WOW! You really made a bright and summery necklace, the colors are just perfect, I of course are very partial to pink, it is so fresh! Great job.

  12. That focal works so well with the colors in your do over piece. I love the's so pretty and perfect for Spring!

  13. What a great design! It is so perfect for Easter and spring.

  14. A very lovely redo - your new pendant is perfect.

  15. Wow....they were made for each other....excellent job! I can hear the Japanese music and smell the cherry blossoms!

  16. What a lovely transformation! Beautifully done.