Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January Pretty Palettes Challenge

I'm officially hooked on this challenge! I am so enjoying seeing the inspiration picture and the beads that Erin Prais-Hintz posts on the Halcraft Pretty Palettes site. For January, Erin chose this picture featuring the Pantone color of the year, Marsala.
These colors are gorgeous together, and so, off to Michaels I went, in search of that lovely rich color. However, the selection at our local M's was very limited and I was hard pressed to find anything in the right color family. From the beginning, that beautiful purple gray succulent in the bouquet had caught my eye and when I found these beads below in that color range, I went off on a tangent.
Here are the beads that were used:
94760 Amethyst Glass Mix
91560 Amethyst Czech glass 6mm rondelles
80286 Amethyst stone Nugget Lustre

I added some 26 gauge Artistic Wire, threw in a little wire crochet, and here's the result:

Purple Mountain Majesty


 I'm a February baby, so amethyst is my birthstone. Maybe that's why it called my name? At any rate I love the end result.

Hop on over to the January Reveal post to see what Erin and her guest, Sarah Ostriyznick, created, and links to the other contributors as well.

Hope your day is filled with just a little more joy and grace after seeing all the pretties!



  1. Thanks so much for playing along! Amethyst is a favorite of mine, too, because it's my birthstone as well. In two weeks Halcraft will be posting the birthstone of the month post on their blog! Please, please, please repost the photos. I'd love to see that necklace close up!

  2. I encourage tangent following, Miss Christie! Being inspired by the colors and the shapes and textures is a big part of the fun for me! I think that Marsala is growing on me... particularly since it can lean more to the purple side of things. I hope you will share more pictures, because I can tell that this is a really lovely set! Thanks for playing along with me in the Pretty Palettes challenge. Enjoy the day! Erin

  3. Amethyst is perfect with those colors. I do love the combo.

  4. I love wire crochet . I will visit back when you post new pictures.I PROMISE.

  5. Hello fellow February baby! I am ALSO officially hooked on Erin's challenges! I LOVE your wire crochet necklace set! Great Job!

  6. I promised to visit when reposted the pictures .I love your wire crochet necklace and the colors it has a calming effect .I also like that you made simple earrings that when worn with necklace it will complement the necklace .

  7. I am a February baby too! I love what you made with those amethyst stones. Anyone who works with wire always has my vote. Beautiful designs.

  8. That is even more lovely than what I thought it was from the first pictures! I love the crocheted look. It is a beautiful palette of beads you put together! SO glad that you are hooked! Enjoy the day. Erin

  9. Oh, I love what you've done with the beads! That necklace is so pretty. I'm a February baby, too. I wonder if February babies are more likely to love beads. That would be a fun study, to see it there is any sort of trend with beaders and birth months! Maybe on the blog sometime I'll be able to do some research. Thank you for reposting and playing along! I can't wait to see February's Pretty Palettes!